A Radical Tree Pruning

The other day I mentioned something I’ve been putting off: a tree removal. It didn’t take long but it was tough work especially the hauling away part. I don’t own a chainsaw and just used an old bow saw that has been worth its weight in gold over the years.

The tree was a cedar. I don’t know exactly what type but it could easily have grown to 40 feet or more in height over time. Well above a good height for a tree planted so close to the house. It’s proximity to the house was the primary reason for removing the tree but it was also severely infested with bagworms.

I won’t plant exactly in it’s place due to its root system. I’ll move a few more feet away from the house and plant a white dogwood that my wife has been wanting for a long time. We planted one once but the deer rubbed the bark off and destroyed the tree. The dogwood won’t be prone to bagworms and is a much smaller tree than the cedar would have been.

Completing this chore brings up another project to add to the list: a latticework screen for the heating/AC unit! Boy are those things eyesores! (the Heater/Ac unit not the latticwork!)

A gardener’s work never ends – I think I like it that way!

6 thoughts on “A Radical Tree Pruning

  1. Skeeter

    I dont understand why people plant such trees so close to a house. My parents had to remove 3 huge holly trees due to them getting under the foundation of the house. The trees were beautiful and they hated to cut them but had no choice. Good luck with that lattice project. Nope, it never does end…

  2. Dave


    I have deleted your comment as it looked like spam to me. No offense is intended if it wasn't. Please contact me through my email in the menu above if you want an answer to your question.

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