Winter’s Light: Shadow Play

The Gardening Gone Wild photo contest for February is all about Winter Light. The picture below is my entry which I took from our upstairs window out across the yard. I’m calling it Shadow Play, you can probably figure out why!

The shadows of the ice covered trees are dancing across the backyard and the children’s playset creating an unusual landscape for us here in Tennessee. To the left is a birch and ornamental grasses while below and slightly off center is the birdbath garden.

16 Replies to “Winter’s Light: Shadow Play”

  1. Beautiful, Dave! Thanks for the reminder about the contest. I've never entered before, but would like to do so this month. Good luck!

  2. It's a great picture, Dave! Animal prints on the snow, trees, grass, shadows and, of course, the light. Serene.

  3. Pretty picture!


  4. This is a good one, the best of luck to you!

  5. Beautiful shot – good luck in the contest!

  6. Good luck, Dave.

  7. What a lovely view you have into your garden…Good luck in the contest! gail

  8. What a pretty photo. Both the light and the frost is also perfect. 🙂

  9. Good Luck with your entry! I like the way the snow glows with the sun on it and the shadows are so interesting…

  10. Love that shot. Great interplay of light and shadows on the snow. Good luck with the contest.

  11. Amazing . Nice photos , Wish you the best in your field ..!

  12. It's a wonderful shot, Dave! Nice backyard, and the lighting is so perfect! Good luck to you;-)

  13. Hi Dave, Great photo, don't you just love the long shadows that the winter sun provides? Good luck.

  14. Love the shadows. Nice view too!

  15. Love the shadows. Nice view too!

  16. Drama in black and white! Beautiful picture!

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