Almost Blooming

The below normal cold temperatures have set us a back a little bit in our blooms this year. In comparison we had daffodils blooming in February of 2009. This March 2010 Bloomsday hosted by Carol brings us a few almost-bloomers. These flowers could all be just day or two away from full fledged blooms with a couple nice days in the sun!


Red Maple Buds

Blueberry Buds

Daffodils – Almost there!

If you want to see an actual bloom in my garden take a look at the Winter Blooming Jasmine!

Or how about some Henbit?

Henbit in the Yard

11 thoughts on “Almost Blooming

  1. Gail

    Dave are you further north of Davidson County? I know that C&L has a bit of a zone boost with all the trees, but even then we are very far behind. I had dafs in late Jan last year. Oh well soon enough we'll be in full spring mode. gail

  2. Kathleen Scott

    I found you from GBBD at May Dreams. Had to laugh at your last photo. Most folks hate henbit but I have a sneaking partiality. The blooms are really pretty…and it lived through our blast-furnace epic drought last year in Texas…

    Our winter was unusually cold too and I'm relearning bloom times for favorite wildflowers. But I'm enjoying the most brave of the bloomers.

  3. Lola

    Besides my buttercups, azaleas, forsythia, snow flakes, magnolia bush my red plum tree is blooming. I hope I get some plumes this yr before the birds do.
    You are coming along with some pretty blooms. You are a tad behind us here.

  4. Cameron

    It's about time, isn't it? Hope you've been having the same lovely weather as we're having. The temps will fall into upper 30's for the first time in a few weeks. The warm nights have been great for the plants

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