The First Daffodil Bloom of 2010

During these gray overcast days of a winter almost past, seeing the first daffodils of spring bloom in our yard is like watching the sun sprout from the earth.

Our garden is behind most at this point but that’s OK because it means that there will be more blooms overlapping each other than usual!

When did your first daffodil bloom shine?

11 thoughts on “The First Daffodil Bloom of 2010

  1. Jennifer

    Last week I saw some mini daffodils..I have about 4 blooms this week. Isn't it so exciting?? I think you are right about the overlapping..things seem to be shooting up all over the place in my garden. Cool.

  2. NellJean

    My first daffs were less than a month. The first daffodils pics I posted were on February 22.

    They say spring moves northward at a rate of 12 miles a day. I think it's moving faster this year after a late start.

  3. Shady Gardener

    Beautiful flowers!! YOU are ahead of me! 🙂 But it won't be long. (Actually, Saturday's forecast was, at least, snowy/rainy. I'm not raking all the leaves off the beds. Perhaps on Friday, they'll be pushed back over everything. In the meantime, I may PICK those daff buds!

  4. Gatsbys Gardens

    I have some on the xeric side of my house that look ready to pop (but this I know is a higher zone than the rest of my property – probably zone 6). I have to keep better records because I am not sure what variety they are – to be discovered)

    My tete-a-tete's look a couple of days away.

  5. tina

    You really are behind Dave. I always thought you were ahead of me since you are more southern. Ours began blooming March 6. Today we added aconites and a red camellia. Sure looks like spring. You are right on the overlaps-it will be nice.

  6. Lola

    I saw my first buttercup on 2-24. Of course I saw first Azalea on 2-18.
    Now my red plum tree is blooming. Also my Grape Hyacinth. Grapes were a gift from N.Y. from niece.
    Pass a longs sure are nice.

  7. Jenny


    We live in a frost pocket down in a mini-valley. There have been daffs blooming up the hill from us for a week. This past fall we had our first freeze a good two or three weeks before Nashville did officially.

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