I Could Really Use that Pot O’Gold!

I Could Really Use that Pot O’Gold!

The rain today had a couple of small openings for some sunshine to come through. It always seems that March has the most rainbows, what do you think?


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  1. I saw a very vivid rainbow today too. No pot-o-gold though! Would have bought a lot of flowers!

  2. How wonderful~I hope you find that pot of gold! gail

  3. We hardly ever see rainbows here in the Chicago area. I saw a gorgeous one as we were traveling to South Carolina several years ago. I think we have too much polution here near the big "C".


  4. What a beautiful picture! My son spotted a rainbow a couple days ago, but it was not as nearly as big as yours!

  5. The rainbow is awesome! No breaks in the rain here. Each time I thought it would break then more rain and wind came. Looks to be a good day today.

  6. We don't see too many here where I am at.

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