Winter Blooming Jasmine – In March!

They call it winter blooming jasmine, and last year it really was. I suppose that technically this year it still is but with spring fast approaching it’s almost too late to call it winter, almost. The first bloom happened several days ago but more and more blooms are rapidly opening. Its lateness in flowering is probably due to the extremely cold temperatures we had in February. Despite the tardy blooms seeing color of any kind right now is an exciting event since the flowers and buds on all the plants are fresh and new.

Winter blooming jasmine (Jasmine nudiflorum) is a zone 6-9 plant that is really very easy to grow. It’s tolerant of poor soil and will eventually grow into a 6-10 ft. tall bush-like shape. Propagation is about as easy as you would expect with a vine plant. Layering works well because anywhere the plant touches the ground is liable to sprout roots and although I haven’t tried cuttings yet they should root very easily. I may try a few after blooming is finished to bring to a plant swap in May.

It won’t be long now before the daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring bloomers start to emerge! What’s blooming near you?

8 thoughts on “Winter Blooming Jasmine – In March!

  1. Jennifer

    I know what you mean. I have been watching my sullen winter jasmine for weeks now. Just now does it have enough blooms to notice. Skip over to my blog to see what's blooming near the TN/AL line.

  2. Gatsbys Gardens

    Nothing yet!! It was 65 here today and it melted most of the snow – not all. I went outside and pruned my Limelight hydrangea, cleaned out my Christmas decorations and yanked my parsley from last year.

    There is still snow around the perimeter of my garden so I could not prune all of the type 3 clematis. My little xeric garden on the side of the house looks the most promising,, daffodils budding and everything is grees.


  3. tina

    It's pretty neat! I had purchased one at a plant sale but have not checked on it. I think I may have killed it somehow but now that I can see what it looks like I'll look. Does it smell?

  4. Skeeter

    I saw this at a Garden Center over the weekend! I was having thoughts of getting it but we were on a mission to build the swing arbor so I looked the other way while passing it by. It was blooming like crazy but with Garden Center plant, who knows where they arrive from like a perfect indoor climate for them to peek…

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