Gardening Before Breakfast

In the south it’s a necessity to get up early to get outside for gardening. Any delay into the mid-morning will result in unnecessary suffering due to the heat and humidity! This morning was already very humid before 8 AM. In the summer it is much worse and this morning’s humidity is just a sign of rain on it’s way. Next week we are predicted to cool back off in to the 70’s again which will be very welcome! This morning I went out and tackled a few small garden chores before breakfast.

Before Breakfast Garden Chores 5-14-2010

  • I staked a ‘Gala’ apple tree that was leaning to heavily to one side. I need to give it a pruning since it won’t bear fruit this year. Apples like to be pruned into conical shape like a Christmas tree. The ‘Gala’ is our favorite apple but we also planted a ‘Fuji’ as a cross-pollinator.
  • I transplanted 8 rooted Russian sage cuttings into pots along with 4 ‘Powis Castle’ Artemsia cuttings that were also rooted. I love this time of year for making new plants!
  • I pulled up some spearmint and put it into a hanging basket on the front porch. The spearmint is taking over one garden spot that I really do want back. My ‘Oranges and Lemons’ gaillardia is counting on me!
  • I watered several potted plants that were on our front porch. Some are destined for the plant swap next weekend while others are for us or friends. 

Hopefully sometime today I’ll get a chance to get out with my camera and take some photos for tomorrow’s Bloom Day post!

When is your favorite time to garden? Early morning, during the day, or evening?

7 thoughts on “Gardening Before Breakfast

  1. Becca's Dirt

    I fully understand what you mean. I live in Mobile. That is the best time – seems to be quiet too. It's a good feeling to finish early and sit with a cold drink and look at your accomplishments.

  2. Lola

    Here it is a necessity to garden in the early morning unless you are trying for a tan. Very late is nice if you can stand the mosquitoes.
    I just do when I'm able.

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