The Tennessee Flood of 2010 Part 2

Here are a couple videos that I pieced together of our backyard during the recent flooding rains. I do want to reiterate from my post yesterday that my experience was insignificant compared to how this flood has changed the lives of many fellow Tennesseans. We are doing fine with very few problems in our yard but please keep those people who have lost their homes, their pets, and family members in your thoughts and prayers.

Also here are three places where you can help the victims of the Tennessee flood:

(I had to break the video up into two parts. Part one is almost 9 minutes and part 2 is somewhere in the 4 minute range. Part two shows the biggest effects in our yard.)

The Tennessee Flood of 2010 Part 1:

The Tennessee Flood of 2010 Part 2:

6 thoughts on “The Tennessee Flood of 2010 Part 2

  1. Lola

    That was some fantastic camera work. I'm so sorry that you had to go through this. Hopefully there won't be too much repair to be done. Did you loose your Asparagus? Had it started to come up?
    Growing up in Tn. I never saw anything like this.

  2. Dave

    Thanks Helen!


    I think the asparagus is fine. I know two plants were growing before all this happened but I haven't checked them yet. To my knowledge this has not happened here in hundred of years.


    I tend to get mulch washed away on a regular basis. I've bermed one side of the yard and it's better now but two inches of rain will send small amounts of flooding due to the drainage ditches. I tend to wait until a little later to mulch those beds. Like I've said my damage was nothing compared to what Nashville suffered and is suffering. There is significant damage from Nashville all the way to Memphis. I've never seen Interstates completely engulfed by water before.

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