What Bolted Cilantro Looks Like!

What Bolted Cilantro Looks Like!

Cilantro is one of those plants that you either like to eat or don’t. Fortunately I’m a fan, especially when it’s in guacamole, but even if you don’t like to eat it cilantro sure looks good when in bloom! I let my cilantro go to seed each year so that I can collect the seeds and plant it again. I don’t do anything fancy other than sprinkle the seeds after they have formed where I want the cilantro to grow. Last year I did this right after they bloomed and a fall crop of cilantro appeared and lasted throughout the winter. The flowers appear as delicate clusters of white blooms which apparently are very attractive to some little tiny pollinator bees (could they be masons?) Underneath the bolted cilantro I planted summer squash from seed in an attempt to safeguard them from vine borers and squash bugs. We’ll see how it works out later.

The cilantro is in one of my 3’x4′ raised beds. I’ll sprinkle the seed somewhere outside the garden for next year as there really aren’t any pests that will bother it and I really could use the garden space.


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  1. Really cool. I was thinking of letting some bolt myself to save the seed too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. MSS at Zanthan Gardens plants cilantro as a flowering annual along with larkspur~It's lovely. gail

  3. It's most bee-uu-tiful!

  4. Do let us know if the cilantro keeps the squash borer from ruining your squash.
    I think it's a pretty plant.

  5. Very cool and I am a cilantro fan as well 🙂 I love the fact that you are collecting the seeds (will it reseed too?) My onions have bulbs/blooms now and although I've read that I am supposed to cut them off or tie off to shoot the energy back down – I have yet to. I love how beautiful they are and how they attract bees. Have you ever collected onion seed? Great blog – thanks for sharing.

  6. Very interesting stage of cilantro growth. It looks great.

  7. What I wouldn't do for a cilantro stand of that size. Yuuuuuuuum!

  8. Very delicate and pretty. And in my garden, it's never shy about coming back. It's a prolific re-seeder.

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