Double Dew Daisies – Photo Post

Double Dew Daisies – Photo Post

Two Shasta daisy flowers covered in the morning dew.

Early this morning (not too early maybe after 7 AM but much earlier than we’ve been getting up due to the new baby!) I went out with the camera to see what pictures I could find. Back by the greenhouse garden shed where my Russian sage, rudbeckia, and Shasta daisy combination is I found the flowers all covered in the morning dew. It’s amazing that there is still moisture to be found out there with all the dry weather we’ve been having but moisture there is! The morning dew gives an impression of cool temperatures that truly just aren’t here at any time during the day. The mornings are hot, the days have been excruciating, and the evenings cool off but not nearly to a comfortable level. I spent a few minutes last night even looking at the January snow fall pictures with longing! (Someone please tell me I’m crazy and to get those thoughts out of my head!)  The white daisies is the closest we’ll come to snow for a long while as it should be but I’m definitely looking forward to the predicted precipitation for this week.

This past week I showed you all around the garden shed. I did some real gardening (in spite of the heat) and fixed up the plantings with a nice layer of mulch all around. One of my favorite combinations of plantings I added happened completely by accident with the sunflower and ‘Shenandoah’ switchgrass blending together. The rest of the plantings will fill in over time including beautyberry, another crape myrtle (I’m definitely a fan of a properly pruned crape), several salvias, and all sorts of other neat plants.

I’m really enjoying the tomatoes this year. Cherokee purples, Romas, and all kinds of delicious tomatoes are filling boxes every day for us. It seems every other day I’m making another batch of tomato sauce for storing.

Every week is a busy week! I hope you’ve been able to get outside an enjoy your garden despite the oven outdoors. How’s your garden growing?


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 4 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. We've gotten a few romas also, and they are good!

  2. Great photo of the shastas Dave. The image does give an impression that its cooler out than it really is. It's very HOT here in VA as well. It hit 103 deg here today…bring on the cooler weather!

  3. I've really gotten into shastas this year. I never had them in the right place until now and they're very happy.

    This is killer weather. We're going up to 103 with a heat index of 115 today. I watered a few plants at 6:30 am, but since we did get a good rain last week, the garden is better now than it was with the dry heat from the previous triple-digit heat wave. The dew/humidity like you're seeing is keeping the leaves from being desiccated.

    Stay cool. I'm getting cabin fever in the summer. Never has happened before.

  4. I didn't think you could dress up a common, sturdy everyday daisy, but the jewels of dew in your photograph elevate that happy workhorse of a flower into something elegant and sparkling!

  5. Dave, I can't believe I am saying this with just the first tomato ripening on the vine, but I am looking forward to fall. With our very big storms I am going to have to cut down all my shasta daisies -all have fallen and broken.

    It has been brutal and I am sure more so where you are.


  6. What a pretty picture! Nope it's been to hot here to do anything beyond water, water and water. 😉

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