GROW Project: Hangin’ in There

I’d like to say some great things right now about my nasturtiums. I’d like to tell you that they are taking off and look fantastic but about the best I can do is say that we’re hanging in there. It’s just been too darn hot to get anything to grow happily from seed. June was excruciatingly hot, well over 10 degrees hotter than normal. To make matters worse it hasn’t rained here significantly in over two weeks. It’s rained nearby, just not here. The other day I watched helplessly as the weather map took the colorful clouds bearing inches of satisfying moisture completely around our area. Then to add insult to injury the clouds rejoined each other after passing by us as if they were intentionally avoiding us. So here is my little nasturtium under the Japanese maple sheltering from the 95 degree sun. It looks like it’s time to get the hose out!

I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.

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  1. Don't you just hate that? We seem to miss a lot of good soaking rain here, too — always annoying when the storm re-forms after it's passed you by!

    At least it's hanging in there 🙂 That's more than I can say for a few of the plants I've lost this summer…

  2. Dave, We've been receiving a LOT of rain this Spring. The nasturtiums have gone from looking pretty good to not so good. Maybe I don't know the right "tricks" to grow them properly?? They suffer from a lot of yellow leaves. Some are in a pot with drainage, some are in the ground with a lot of sun and others (like yours) are in the ground in nearly full sun and going nowhere.

  3. They do look the tiniest bit thirsty… I think everyone's are hanging in there. I'm hoping for a big growth spurt in July.

  4. Awww, they look totally tragic, Dave. Nasturtiums can be tricksy though; they don't like too much heat, which is why they normally do well here, but we've hit the hot patch and while we have some flowers, we also have some sulking plants. (I'm not in the Grow project, since I'm one of those Bad Canadians).

  5. mine did not do very well this year…

  6. I have mine in window boxes on my shed & they have bloomed. They do have a few brown leaves but that is my fault for not watering them properly. Problem walking is no fun.

  7. I'm surprised you even have a plant. I always associated nasturtiums with northern annuals as they grew so well up there, not well here at all. Cross your fingers for rain! I got back from an out of town trip and oh my, I had some bad looking hydrangeas here-Grrr.

  8. I have mine in my veggie bed and in hayracks and they are not doing anything!


  9. Aw, they're looking kinda sad Dave. This is my first year growing nasturtiums. Here, they did seem to like the cooler weather better. Hope you get some rain, and some relief from the heat soon.

  10. Hope you get some cooler weather so you can enjoy the garden. Sorry to hear the weather isn't cooperating with the nasturtiums.

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