Heirloom Tomato Seed Giveaway!

Alright you tomato crazed vegetable gardeners! It’s time to give away some tomato seeds to start your heirloom tomato collection for next year. The seeds I’m talking about are from a tomato called ‘Woodle Orange’.  Which is perhaps a lesser known variety but definitely not because it under performs. In fact it’s a delicious alternative to the standard reds and pinks in the tomato. It’s good enough for me to save the seeds for next year and to encourage you to plant this heirloom in your vegetable garden.

Who wouldn’t want to grow these!

If you would like to enter to win the ‘Woodle Orange’ tomato seeds all you have to do is comment in this post and tell me what your favorite garden tomato is and why you like it (or how you like to eat it). Additionally if you want a second entry tell me about that favorite tomato on your blog and link back to The Home Garden (www.GrowingTheHomeGarden.com) to tell others about the seed giveaway. The supply is limited and I’ll divide the seeds into packs of 10-15 seeds to maximize how many people can win. (I don’t have an exact count as of yet since I’m still collecting seeds but there will be multiple winners!) Also the seed giveaway is only open to those in the continental U.S. (the 48 contiguous states). All entries must be posted in the comments and/or on your blog by Friday August 13th. Friday the 13th could be your lucky day! 😉

14 Replies to “Heirloom Tomato Seed Giveaway!”

  1. Favorite tomato is 'Supersteak'. Nothing like having one single slice of tomato spilling out over the edge of the bread.

    @SolakNC on Twitter

  2. I think I shall choose Romas as my favorite. They are so versatile and good for cooking with or making salsa. Next favorite-Bradley.

  3. We love our tomato's with sugar! This is my first year gardening, and we only have cherry tomato's. Still waiting for them to ripen so we can eat them 🙂

  4. I don't think I have just one favorite heirloom tomato… I love 'Gajo de Melon,' 'Big German Pink,' 'Tiger-Like,' 'Red Russian,' all the black tomatoes, and white ones, and green ones, and striped ones, and… If I have to pick just one for this contest, though, let's say 'Black Russian' because that's closest to being ripe next! I've never tried an orange tomato… 😉

  5. Please do not put me in the drawing, have had a hard time with tomatoes the last two years. They do look great though.

  6. I like Roma tomatoes; I find them most versatile for what I need.

  7. Dave, my favorite tomato is the Russian Black Krim; not only is the coloring quite handsome, but the taste reminds me of the old Beefsteak tomatoes my grandmother used to grow… the full flavor is quite similar.

  8. I've tried the yellow tomato as well as the usual reds & pinks. I really like the yellows as they tend to have less acid. I discovered them while staying in N.C.
    I did manage to find plants of that color so planted this Spring. They did better than the conventional ones.

  9. My favorite tomato is a homegrown one – I'm not picky. I love any tomato that tastes like a tomato – lol

  10. My favorite tomato is Yellow Pear. I just love the taste!

  11. I love the sungold cherries for productivity, flavor and general WOW factor when sharing with friends and family.

  12. This year was the year of my first garden! I grew cherry, Roma and some kind of small slicing tomato. The Roma will definitely be in next years garden! They are great for pasta sauce and making zucchini salsa!

  13. My favorite tomato is the yellow pear. It's cute, looks excellent cut vertically in half for salads or used whole for decoration of platters. It's really sweet and it brings back great memories of my dad and I in the garden when I was little.


  14. Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll post tomorrow (Saturday the 14th) with the results!

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