Would You Like to Win an Organic Weed Killer?

The people at EcoSMART have offered to give away a bundle package containing an eco friendly pesticide and several other of their environmentally friendly products. Included in the bundle is an organic weed killer, a fungicide, garden insect killer and an insect repellent. All you need to do to enter the drawing for the is to post in the comments here and tell a little bit about why you would like to win! A winner will be selected at random from all entries and announced the following Friday (August 27th). All entries should be in by Thursday August 26th.

Good luck!
Also don’t post any personal information in the comments. I don’t want spammers to get your physical or email addresses. You can email that info after the contest is over to my email address and I’ll forward it on to the company for your award.

9 thoughts on “Would You Like to Win an Organic Weed Killer?

  1. Tom M

    Would love to try the organic weed killer. Constantly pulling invasive bermuda, nutgrass and other green pests, any help would be a great assistance. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Anonymous

    This weary gardener deserves to win because I've been battling all manner of pests in organic garden all summer and they are winning, hands-down. Just this morning I smashed stink bugs and cucumber beetles with such glee that I'm becoming very concerned about my new-found hatred of nature's bounty! There's: spider mites teeming through my ornamental beds, some kinda canker taking out my cherry tree, three grapes left after the birds helped themselves through the netting…. The list goes on.

    Now,if I can just get my hands on the woodchucks that have set up home in my compost bins, after chomping my tomatillo to its knees.

  3. handleyjrj

    I had to retire because health in 2001 and took up fooling around in the yard.Not much,but I did it.
    COPD keeps me inside when it gets really humid and hot so the weeds have NICE LONG SPELLS of going wild!
    The weed killer sounds nice,would love to try it.Especially since my nephew's son moved away.
    Also ,thanks for the advice on the butterfly bush about cutting it back.
    I read my news letter from top to bottom,keep it coming.

  4. Tim W

    I have used another brand of organic weed killer and it worked great…would like to compare this brand, but have not had a chance yet. Here is a great opportunity!

  5. Matt

    Ok, I am kind of late, but regardless, I decided to post this commen, anyway.

    I would like to win (or "have won" I should say) this competition because the place I live in Greece (climate, soil, etc) favors the growth of weeds. I came to Greece very recently (after spending 6 years in St Louis, MO) and I am planning to start a vegetable garden in my backyard, like the one I used to have several years ago. The organic weed killer and eco friendly pesticide will greatly facilitate my work.

    Greeting to all!

    Matthew (Stathis)

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