Why They Call It Beautyberry!

If you every wondered exactly why the beautyberry is called a beautyberry I’ll give you two words: “Beauty” and “berry!” These beautiful purple clusters of purple berries are well worth the wait each year for the autumn display. I’ve added several new beautyberries from cuttings to my garden this year and can’t wait until their display matches the first one I planted.

If you haven’t planted this one – you’re missing out!

9 thoughts on “Why They Call It Beautyberry!

  1. Jake

    Very beautiful! I know they were in our wild areas that were left untouched in my neighbourhood in FL. I really liked them. But when I went to get one this spring I was not finding the purple berry type. Do you know where a person can get the purple ones?

  2. Skeeter

    The first beauty berry I ever saw was in Tina's Tiger Gardens! I fell in love with it but have yet to aquire one for myself. Maybe next year will be the year for beauty berry to arrive in my gardens.

    Note to self, make a list of plants for the garden for next year…

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