A Day Late But Not A Flower Short for Bloom Day

Unfortunately I’m a day late on Bloom Day but I’m definitely not a bloom short! Yesterday I posted the Fall Color Project Post for the week. Be sure to take plenty of photos for your Fall Color Project 2010 Post!

On with the blooms!

Yellow Pansies – still need planted…

Pink annual Salvia coccinnea

Purple Coneflowers – a little washed out.

Mystic Spires Salvia – I like to plant this one every year.

Purple Wave Petunias – a nice discount rack find!

Red Achillea – most likely ‘Paprika’

Red Flowered Gaillardia with a little yellow on the petals

Red Mums with a side order of ‘Oranges and Lemons’ Gaillardia

Pineapple sage – bloomin’ strong

Red mums and red salvia – do you think I like salvia?

Red Zinnia grown from seed – it’s definitely time to begin collecting seeds!

Salvia farinacea next to the blue garden shed! Yep I like salvia!

‘Walker’s Low’ Catmint – a reliable nearly no care, deer resistant, and rabbit resistant favorite of mine! And it propagates easily too!
Sheffield Pink Mums! A new addition to the garden from a spring plant swap. I will be propagating many more of these in the spring!
Thanks for stopping by for Bloom Day!
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