Seed Sowing Saturday!

Next week I’ll be starting my seed sowing and I wanted to invite all other bloggers to join in to share their experiences. Each Saturday we’ll post about what we’ve done with our seeds, what we’ve selected, what we’ve planted, and how it’s doing. From sowing to growing it’s all fair-game!

What can we talk about?

  • seed selection
  • how you start your seeds 
  • winter sowing
  • equipment you use
  • techniques like stratification and scarification
  • growing and transplanting

We’ll keep this meme going until May when most gardeners have finished sowing their crops (we can always add more Saturdays if needed.) Once you have your post ready leave a link in the comments of the current SSS Post here on The Home Garden, just be sure to link back so that others may join in the fun!

I hope you will chime in and share your seed sowing experiences every Saturday with us! If you like starting seeds then this is your meme!

When will you be starting your seeds?

P.S. If you can’t get enough seed talk don’t forget to join in Mr. Brownthumb’s Seedchat on Twitter!

16 thoughts on “Seed Sowing Saturday!

  1. Donna

    sounds interesting..waiting for some more seeds to arrive but prepping…this is an area I want to continue to learn more and improve my skills…so I can't say i will be weekly to post but will read weekly…will need reminders though!!

  2. Dave


    You're welcome to post as much as you are able! Not everyone will have something to post every week.


    I actually just planted a couple tomatoes from seed – way early but they were sprouting where I had them. I'm hoping to get some shallots and spinach started indoors this week.

  3. Kevin

    This could get interesting since this will be my first year in a very long time planting a garden. I am scheduled to start seeds Feb 4th for my area. I'm sure I will have alot of OOOPS along the way.

  4. ferne

    You can count me in! I was just thinking of doing a post on seed starting. I am going to teach a class on it at the nursery I work at in the next few weeks. Great gardening minds think a like!

  5. MrBrownThumb

    This sounds like fun! I may participate. I just posted it to the garden bloggers FB and Twitter accounts. If you want to send me a small blurb on it, I'd be happy to post it to the garden bloggers blog too.

    P.S. SeedChat isn't just me, my co-founder @Xitomatl is a big part of it, as are the people who participate in it. Appreciate the shout-out for #SeedChat

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