Witch Hazel Blooming

The other day I mentioned that the Winter Jasmine would be the first thing to bloom…

I was wrong! It’s the Witch hazel!

It’s the first time it has bloomed in our garden. So what’s blooming in your February Garden?

6 thoughts on “Witch Hazel Blooming

  1. Alice Hunt

    What is blooming in my winter garden???? Icicles !!!
    I just found your blog so I don't know where you garden, it is definitely south of where I garden. Maybe in March the Witch Hazel will bloom. Right now we have nothing but snow and ice and subzero temps.
    Lucky you.

  2. Dave

    Darla – It's pretty neat. I have two that I got free from a spring garden fair two years ago. This is the first year either of them has bloomed.

    Alice – I'm glad you stopped by to comment! We're in Tennessee. No icicles here today but they are calling for it tomorrow. 2 Inches of snow coming soon…I'm way ready for spring!

    Tina – I wish I could smell anything. I'm still slightly congested from a cold we've been dealing with as a family for about a month. That's the problem with 5 in the fam – we share the cold and it just lasts longer!

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