Another Round of Tomato Seeds (Seed Sowing Saturday)

Another Round of Tomato Seeds (Seed Sowing Saturday)

This week I started another batch of tomato seeds. For the last set of tomato seeds I used peat seed starting trays, this time I used washed mushroom containers, yogurt cups, and an old refrigerator plastic drawer! Not too long ago our refrigerator decided to quit and we had to replace it. I kept the plastic drawers from the old one in the garage because they looked like something I could use for plant propagation. They just looked like great trays to use to house my seed starts!

Into the tray I was able to fit 4 foam mushroom containers and four yogurt containers. I punched holes in the bottom of all the containers except for the seed tray (refrigerator drawer) filled them with dirt and planted!

I used my finger as a dibber and made 9 hole sin each of the mushroom containers for tomato seeds. That gives me a total of 36 possible tomato plants. I won’t be using all of these for my own garden, some will go to friends and family while some may end up for sale at a community garage sale later this spring.

Red Zebra, Black Krim, Chianti Rose, and Orange Sungold were the tomatoes but into the yogurt cups went stevia. I’ve heard that stevia is a really good sweetener and I like my tea sweet so I thought we would give it a try.  You can see my son in the background sitting in his high chair watching me plant seeds. It won’t be long before he’ll be running around planting in the garden too!

Here’s the result of our seed starting. I used old washed forks to make labels for the planting containers. It’s cheap and easy. Two very good words! Don’t you think?

What seeds did you get started this week?

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This week’s seed starters!

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  • I’m sorry I’m late in updating this and reading the blogs. I spent nearly the whole day outdoors enjoying the garden and the perfect weather! I’m sure you understand!


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    1. I just started some this week too! I did all heirlooms and all from Bakers Creek so far…more to come though! I LOVE the fork labels!

    2. I like all the reuse of containers in your sowing of the tomatoes.
      I'm hoping to put some lettuce in the cold frames today outside but not sowing my own tomatoes. I have a great local greenhouse I gett the tomato and pepper starts from each year. They use peat pots so everything goes right into the groung.

    3. More Swiss Chard, Chives, Garlic Chives & Zucchini Squash. Set out bell pepper & banana pepper.
      It got very cold last night but I can't see any damage.

    4. Ack! I am now craving fresh tomatoes, Dave, and do you have any idea how long it will be til I get some? Months! Oh well, at least the snow is rapidly leaving here. Maybe I'll get some Black Krim seed and start some seeds next week…

    5. I love the fork plant tags! Awesome idea. I planted the last of my tomatoes out today. Have a very fruits on the edge of ripening. Can't wait … In the mean time, the winter greens are bolting .. Soooooo, time to think about Seed Saving {grin}


    6. Dave,
      What is your advice for Tomatoes in Arizona our climate is unique. What are your thoughts. Thanks, Bryan Staub

    7. Hi Dave, sorry not to have called by for a while. Looks as if your weekend was similar to mine! I now have now room, having pricked out all my tomato and chilli seedlings. No sowing though – that will have to wait until I can free up some space! Love the fork plant markers – I've been using old lollipop sticks.

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