A Daffodil Photo Op

I planted these daffodils late last fall. I found them after they went on sale in December and planted them soon after. They are just now blooming while all the other daffodils are fading which is pretty neat!

Daffodils Backlit by Sunshine
I may plant a few late daffodils each year to achieve the same effect!

6 thoughts on “A Daffodil Photo Op

  1. Janet

    I planted some early, mid and late season daffodils this year. Looking forward to the full showing. Did a post on the early ones and will just show the later ones in my sidebar. Do you know what variety yours are?

  2. Jan@Thanks for today.

    I love the variety, Dave. Do you know what it's called, per chance?! I ordered bulbs but they won't be delivered until the fall. Meanwhile, I have just very typical daff's…I think about 3 varieties. I want to spice things up a bit so will be excited to plant a variety this fall. I love the red trim around your newest ones;-)

  3. Ginny

    I planted a mixed bag of daffodils that I bought for about $4 last fall – 30 or 36 unidentified bulbs. They turned out to be six or seven different varieties, all beautiful, and blooming at different times. What a delight daffodils are to me. Beautiful photos of yours with the sun shining through.

  4. Gardens at Waters East

    I have planted a number of daffodils aver the years. Each year adding more and different types. Once this snow finally stops – just maybe I'll get to see them again. With all the deer here they are one of the Spring bulbs that survive. My posting this week was of all the snow we had so the daffodils are a long way from blooming around here. Nice to enjoy yours. Jack

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