Blooming Daylilies

Blooming Daylilies

Daylilies are one of those plants every garden should have. Unfortunately I’ve been lax in adding daylilies to the garden over the years. I’m not sure why really. It might be the fact that daylilies in the garden centers aren’t all that thrilling and that is where I do most of my shopping. I’ve perused catalogs for various online nurseries and seen some spectacular daylilies. I tend to be hesitant to order much through online nurseries since the plant size tends to be fairly small.

I bought a new daylily this year called ‘Primal Scream’ which won’t be featured in this post (You can see ‘Primal Scream’ here). It’s a few days from its first blooms but sports brilliant orange blooms when it does. Or at least it’s supposed to, I haven’t seen it yet! Here’s what our current daylily collection looks like:

Stella D’Oro Daylily
Stella may be common but when used in the right places can really add some color. I can’t say for 100% certainty that his is a Stella since it came with the house but the odds are good.

‘Red Volunteer’ Daylily
This beautiful daylily was just given to use last weekend by a friend who lives on the other side of our neighborhood. It has a nice form and a beautiful color don’t you think?

Forgotten Name Daylily (edit: ‘Pardon Me’)
I’m guilty of completely forgetting the name of the daylily that Frances gave us a couple years ago.  I always try to keep up with all the names and cultivars but sometimes my memory fails! It’s done very well in our garden and has been divided and moved into a couple locations now.

‘Crimson Pirate’ Daylily
Arrrr!!! Need I say more? Probably. ‘Crimson Pirate’ came from a box bought at a box store. The petal shape is quite different from the other daylilies we have. It’s more of a spider type daylily.

Ye Old Ditch Lily
We have quite a few ditch lilies around the garden. It’s taken some time but I’ve realized that the proper place for these in the garden isn’t among the other plantings. Ditch lilies should be planted enmass for a full effect as filler plants in their own special area.

Do you collect daylilies? How many varieties do you have?


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Nice collection here Dave. I have several although there first names are of no importance to me.

  2. Dave,

    Daylilies are the backbone of my garden, blooming throughout the entire summer. I have many varieties but just last year I began to fill in with the very early blooming and very late blooming.


  3. You have some nice varieties. That red one that Frances gave you is one of my favorites in my garden. I don't know too many of the names of mine but one I just ordered from Jung last year was 'Hot Stuff'. It is an orange with a light yellow midrib and big. It is loaded with blooms and I was thinking it was a great daylily to grow so much and bloom in one year. Very reasonable too.

  4. Dave,

    I have only recently gotten into planting day lilies. I brought a few with me when I moved – Frans Hals, Happy Returns and about 3 others, including something bright red.

    That has since expanded to quite a few more. I discovered a very hot spot that the previous owner complained nothing would grow in. And I have a volcano stip by the street. What a perfect spot for daylilies or zinnias.

    My new selections include some frilly yellow and purple, something peachy and a new spider daylily, just getting a bud.

    This spring, I ordered about 15 starts of Stella D'Oro which are in pots, and which I plan on putting as a border on a part of my walkway.

    I can see that my first daylily is beginning to open today through my front window. I can't wait until I get more of them blooming.

    Since I have discovered that daylilies are edible, this is also something that I want to try this year.

    Summer fun has begun!


  5. I discovered daylilies two years ago and now have 17 varieties, purchased or traded with friends. My favorite is called Charles Johnston, a dark pink with huge blooms. I've got an orange spider that multiplies like crazy, interested? 😀

  6. I have a few that came with the house. I've since added the "Double Talk". It's short & a pretty orangy yellow. I ordered 3 new ones last yr & put them in the ground this yr after I figured where I wanted them. One is blooming & it's yellow. One is supposed to be red. The original ones look like they are double & are orangy colored. I've looked at others in books. Need to add to what I've got. I like them.

  7. We just got 5 more varieties so I think we're up to 13 different ones now. Our favorite is probably 'Red Suspenders'. It's been in continuous bloom for SEVEN weeks this year- it even started before the ditch lilies. Truly amazing plant. There's a daylily farm about an hour from here. They have over 300 varieties. Awesome trip but definitely dents the wallet since they're so irresistable!

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