July GROW Project Update

Another second of the month has arrived and it’s time for an update on my seeds for the 2011 GROW project!

Here’s the Italian Cameo Basil – I have it planted in a container but I suspect the soil mix is too heavy for the basil. Its growth has been fairly limited over the last month and I may need to transplant the basil into a lighter soil mix.

I planted one Marigold ‘Yellow Splash’ next to the tomatoes in the vegetable garden but wanted more to plant in other areas so I started a few more from seed indoors. Marigolds are a good companion plant for tomatoes because they deter nematodes. ‘Yellow Splash’ is a hybrid of the African and French marigolds.

It’s way too hot right now to plant lettuce outdoors so I began planting the ‘Garden Babies’ lettuce inside as well. I’ll transfer these seedlings into pots and keep them in the house and harvest lettuce as we need it. There’s nothing wrong with indoor gardening in the summer!

I’m growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.

3 Replies to “July GROW Project Update”

  1. Hmmm, my basil seems to have more rounded leaves and we're growing the same kind. Hmmm….! ??!

  2. I love visiting your site so much that I am considering of creating my very own site. What platform would you recommend? I am not educated with coding so I think I could create it with wordpress, but I saw that your site is based on the BlogEngine code and I like the your blog a lot. Thank You!

  3. I'm horribly late for commenting on July's SeedGROW posts, but since tomorrow is the 2nd, I'd figured it would be a good reminder that Augusts posts are coming up. Can't wait for the latest installment of your SeedGROW saga for the month, Dave.


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