August 2011 GROW Project Update

Marigold ‘Yellow Splash’

It’s the second day of August which means it’s time to see how the GROW project seeds have fared since our July Update

‘Yellow Splash’ Marigolds
As you can see in the picture to the right we’re starting to get a few flowers on the ‘Yellow Splash’ marigolds in the vegetable garden.  I started more seeds a while back but haven’t gotten them planted in the garden yet. Here’s a look from July:

And here are the same seeds now (in the same container):

They’ve grown a little but since they are still in a relatively nutrient deficient soil mix they haven’t grown much.

‘Garden Babies’ lettuce
 The ‘Garden Babies’ lettuce has come a long way since July.  It’s too hot to grow lettuce outside but with a couple grow lights indoors you can grow lettuce nearly any time of the year.

From July:


‘Italian Cameo’ Basil
Basil is certainly one of my favorite herbs to grow. It’s easy to care for and is a prolific grower! Two awesome traits of an edible don’t you think?

Here’s a look from July:

and now:

There will be pesto in our future!

I’m growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Renee’s Garden for the seeds. 

6 Replies to “August 2011 GROW Project Update”

  1. My lettuce did not seem to mind the hot weather, but almost everyday that it was almost in the 100's we received rain later that night so that may have helped.

  2. I just love marigolds. This yellow one is a beauty. I didn't know you could grow lettuce inside. how long are you keeping the grow light on and in what temps?

  3. My lettuce has been good in the heat as well, but I water every day that it doesn't rain. The leaves on your basil are a lot more pointy than mine, must be different growing conditions.

  4. Ever heard of a white marigold? My neighbor gave me one and I am waiting for it to bloom. Never considered growing lettuce indoors, hmm.

  5. I didn't know lettuce could be grown inside. I doubt it could be done here. Even the garage is so hot. I guess Air Condition could help.
    Yours looks great, also the yellow bloom.

  6. From looking at other people's posts, it seems like the less direct light the lettuce is grown in, the less likely it is to made 'heads' and it will make longer leaves instead. Your basil is coming along very nicely.

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