Dad’s Trees in Fall

Dad’s Trees in Fall

I mentioned in my last post I would show you the trees that dad planted.  There are quite a few and in this post I really can’t show you all of them but maybe you can see just how much dad loved his trees.

This crape myrtle is really a beautiful fall color tree.  Most people usually consider crape myrtles for their summer flower but the fall foliage can be just as awesome. 

Here’s a closer look at the fall foliage of this crape myrtle. Take note of the smooth bark to the right.  When you allow a crape myrtle to grow into a tree form rather than prune it into a puff ball the bark has time to mature into a beautiful mottled appearance.  Don’t commit crape murder!

Here’s a wide view of the area near the crape myrtle. To the right is the crape myrtle and to the left is one of several red maples (Acer rubrum).  Dad loved the maples and add quite a few to the back yard to develop more summertime shade.  In the lower right corner is a row of forsythias that he planted for mom.

If we shift our view to face the back left corner of their property you can see a ginkgo tree.  when I was in college there was a pair of ginkgo trees that had the most spectacular golden color of any trees I have ever seen. the only problem is the color is very short lived.  If a storm comes by the leaves quickly get blown to the ground.  Even without a storm the leaves will fall within 2-3 days and sometimes less.

Here’s a view of the tree line behind mom and dad’s property. The pavilion we worked on together is in center. 

Dad planted this Kwanzan cherry tree near a Yoshino cherry.  The Kwanzan still has its leaves but in the springtime the Yoshino blooms first.

Here’s another maple, probably a silver maple.  They can be problematic since their roots tend to grow close to the surface of the soil. 

Behind the fence is a conglomeration of trees like dogwood, maple, and oak.  Dad didn’t plant them but he liked the privacy their foliage provided. 

The red maples are some of the most beautiful trees this time of year. 

Bright and rich with color.


Dad loved them.  The last year or so we cut back on buying trees for dad.  Really he had plenty!  I showed you his trees in the backyard but haven’t even mentioned the two oaks and the Yoshino cherry he planted out front.  Dad planted quite a few trees, one at a time, one or two a year. Over the years they will continue to grow, provide shade, provide enjoyment during fall, provide homes for the birds, and continue to remind us of who we lost.

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Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. The beautiful trees will be a lasting reminder of your father. They are so special and perhaps he thought of that when he planted them.

  2. All the pictures are great and the trees are just beautiful. I love a yard full of trees. I've wanted a Yoshino Cherry for a while.

    What sweet memories you have of your father that will last all through your family living there. Planting a tree is as close to leaving a permanent positive mark on this world as a lot of us can get. Thanks for sharing.

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