Two More Daylilies!

Yesterday I brought home two more daylilies to add to our daylily collection.  Please welcome ‘Serena Sunrise’ and ‘Custard Candy’ to the garden!

‘Serena Sunrise’ Daylily

Both of these daylilies have already been crossed with each other (yesterday) and with my favorite daylily ‘Primal Scream’ (today)!  I can’t wait to see the results, but wait I must!

‘Candy Custard’ Daylily

Both of these daylilies are going to be a part of this month’s Lowe’s Creative Ideas project which involves planting an edible garden area that is also ornamental.  Daylilies are well known for having edible flowers and when mixed in with more traditional edibles should look fantastic!  For May I put together a vertical garden that uses gutters as planters.

5 Replies to “Two More Daylilies!”

  1. I like that second one. Is that first one peach colored?

    1. The first one is kind of an yellow cream/peach color.

  2. These are both nice…. I like your gutter planter and I hope you are feeling better and the sinus issue is behind you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a custard lilly I have no idea how it got here I.m thinking it might have got mixed up in another pot of lily that was gave to me My husband remarks of its beauty every morning as we drink coffee in front of our patio windows. He wants more of them can i leaf cut and make new ones?

    1. You can't make leaf cuttings iwth daylilies but you can either divide them in the spring or if you're lucky you can take the proliferation and root it. The scape (flower stem) sometimes will produce an offshoot that can be planted which is what is referred to as the proliferation.

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