From the 2013 Nashville Lawn and Garden Show

This past Saturday I went to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show.  The weather outside was a snowy overcast mess so what better way could there be to spend the day than to go somewhere with gardens and plants?  We brought the whole family up and had a great time perusing the garden displays, playing with ducks and chickens, and of course visiting various vendors!

If you couldn’t get to it this weekend I’ll show you some of what we saw in today’s post!

This garden with daffodils and hyacinths was very nicely done.  The gravel pathway with wooden edging is a project any gardener could do for the garden.

This display used an ordinary limestone gravel for the pathway but added colored glass to give it some interest!

This edible garden with a sun mosaic was my favorite feature from the gardens.  This would make an excellent feature in anyone’s garden!

This rustic garden was very neat too.  Nassella tenuissima (or Stipa tenuissima) is the feathery ornamental  grass.  It’s also called Mexican feather grass or ponytail grass. It works very well with the old tractor in the background.  The grass would eventually fill in the gaps in a real garden.

Here is a nice use of pallet wood for a pathway.  Moss is tucked in between the treads.  If you do this make sure you remove all nails or you may not like the result!

I really liked how these espaliered pear trees were done to make a covered walkway.

Watch this slideshow for more photos!  I just had too many to share in a post!

There were some great ideas for the home garden at the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show!

I ended up coming home with a Japanese maple called ‘Germaine’s Gyration’ from the guys at Nichols Nursery (AKA Mr. Maple).  I can’t wait to get it planted in the garden.  I’ll tell you more about it when I do!

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  1. Love that idea with the recycled boards for a path with thyme or moss growing around it!
    Thanks for the pictures!

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