Free Seed Packet Template (Basic)

I mentioned earlier today in a post on Facebook about using homemade seed packets as a gift idea for stocking stuffers. You can read more about that type of seed packet in this post: using wrapping paper for homemade seed packets.  If you want a more typical style of seed packet I put together a simple template that you can decorate however you like.  Feel free to download or share this template.  It’s in a .jpg file which you can import into your favorite word processing program or drawing program and edit it with pictures, text, or information.  Or simply let your kids draw some festive pictures on it!

A template for making your own seed packets (DIY)

To use the template just print it off then cut out the seed packets.  Fold and glue the side flaps first then the bottom flap.  When the glue is dry you can put your seeds in the packet and glue the top flap to close your seed packet.

I may play around this more and make it more festive for Christmas!  Enjoy!