Propagating Grape Vines through Greenwood Cuttings

Last week I made some cuttings of my ‘Concord’ grape vine in an attempt to make a few more vines. Grapes are great edible plants to have in the garden whether you like eating them at the table, making juice, or even making wine.  They like a full sun location and can be bothered by several kinds of pests including the Japanese beetle.  The deer seem to have enjoyed our vines quite a bit over the years and so I’ve never gotten a harvest.  Hopefully this year will be different!

How to Propagate Grapes from Greenwood Cuttings

propagate grape vine cuttings

I took about 6 cuttings from the grape vine.  I chose cuttings that were thick enough to stand upright when stuck in my medium.  The cuttings were all greenwood which means they were relatively new growth.  If the leaves were small I left one alone and removed the rest.  If the leaves were larger I cut it to about 1/3 of its size and removed the rest.  Too many leaves will overburden the plant with sustaining the leaves rather than making roots.

While I was getting my medium ready I soaked the cuttings in a jar with willow water.  The willow water probably isn’t necessary but the cuttings did need to be kept in water until they were treated and stuck in the rooting medium.  I treated the cut ends of each cutting with rooting hormone then stuck them in a medium with equal parts peat, sand, and perlite. Then I watered the medium and covered with a plastic bag which I put in a shady spot in the greenhouse. The bag will keep a good level of humidity while they root.

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have some grape vines ready for potting!

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3 Replies to “Propagating Grape Vines through Greenwood Cuttings”

  1. We lost all of our grapes in West TN due to Pierce's Disease. Keep an eye out for sharp shooters as they carry the disease. We are trying again with Muscadines.

  2. I've read about that disease. Hopefully it will steer clear of your muscadines! Where in West TN are you? My wife's family is from Trenton and Union City.

  3. We are in Memphis.

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