New Land, New Gardens, and a New Home

It’s not everyday I get to write about something this life changing! You may remember that a while back I made an offer for some land. That piece of land didn’t work out and I was pretty disappointed. Sometimes life has better plans and we just don’t realize it at the time. Recently we found another piece of land for sale. It’s not as big as the first property, but in almost all other ways it’s better, more usable and still in a great location! It’s 7.26 acres and only 6 minutes from town. Our area of Tennessee is a hotbed of real estate activity and this property is an amazing find. We closed on the land on Thursday and now we know where our future home will be!

The Plan for the Land

Our plan for right now is to maintain the land and hopefully begin building in about a year. It has a great building spot and several areas or zones that could be used for all kinds of gardens. One of the greatest challenges is getting all those plants that I’ve collected over the years over to the new land. In some cases it will be easy to transplant many of those. In other cases the shrubs and trees have grown so large that without special equipment and a lot of aid it would be a huge challenge to move.

Tempering my Enthusiasm

It’s very easy to get overly excited. I’ve been looking forward to buying some land for years. We never meant to stay in our current house so long. The economy had issues and our income never rose enough for us to upgrade our home. Things have a way of working out eventually. We’ve been here over 10 years and I know I have planted thousands of plants during that time. I was excited to have our first home on 1.3 acres and went wild with planting it. You name it, I tried it. Some were great plants in my garden while others faded and died long ago. Remember this: Not all plants are great plants!

My garden has changed a lot in those years. In the beginning the landscape had next to nothing in it: two Bradford Pear trees, some Japanese Hollies, and a spirea that was as resilient as they come. Now much of my yard and gardens are in the shade where before it was all sun. Trees I planted that were as small as 5 feet tall are now 30 or more feet tall. The field on the hill is a little forest of sassafras with paths the foxes enjoy playing in.

Our New Garden

Our new garden needs to be done in steps and for right now the first step is deciding what needs to be transported over to the land. Not everything in my garden is worth keeping. I need a plan, or at least a list, of my garden favorites that I can transplant or propagate and bring over. I also have to plan our future home. Patience is required and sometimes that is not an easy thing!

I’ll have more to share with you in my next few posts. I’ve worked hard over the last year and a half to make things like this a possibility. There are a lot of great changes ahead that I am looking forward to. I hope you’ll continue this journey with me!

For a better view enjoy the video below!