My Herb Garden Layout

Herb Garden Layout

I’ve been debating on exactly what kind of herb garden to implement and after making up some rough sketches of various ideas on paper I decided to throw this basic design together. It has a somewhat formal look yet should be relatively easy to maintain.

I was considering trying to do a knot herb garden but that just looked like more work than I wanted to do, at least at this time. My second thought was a parterre herb garden layout but again to keep it looking as it should regular pruning is a necessity. I also considered a random arrangement to allow it to look fairly natural. The design above is sort of a hybrid of all three with a formal look that won’t need real high maintenance pruning.

How The Herb Garden Layout is Designed:

The stepping stones (1) divide the 8 foot bed into four sections. Each section will have similar plantings except for the outer edge. The centerpiece of this herb garden will be the rosemary (2) (which is a perennial) and should grow quite large over time with the occasional clipping for kitchen use. Outside of the main rosemary four other plants will help create an evergreen mass. Next to the rosemary and the stepping stones a purple leaf basil (3) will add some color. In between the purple leaf basil another basil variety will be planted. Possibly a large leaf Italian basil (4). On the outside edge other herbs like thyme, parsley, mint (only in pots), and cilantro (5). I may add other herbs to fit into the open spaces. Mother of Thyme would probably do well in between the stepping stones.

One day I may try the knot herb garden. Maybe when my garden helpers are old enough to be out working!

7 thoughts on “My Herb Garden Layout”

  1. I picked up seeds of parsley and cat nip today while in town. The cats just insisted I plant them some thing so Cat Nip it is! LOL.. I use parsley in about everything I cook so I had to try my luck with parsley… I plan to put them in the back of a planter that will reseed itself with Periwinkle… I may try my luck with more herbs later on…

  2. another excellent design. i am so envious of your neat drawn up designs.

    skeeter, that parsley will reseed which is really a good thing. caterpillers love it.

  3. Skeeter,

    Good luck with your herbs, I’m sure the cats will love the catnip! It sounds like we use basil like you do parsley.


    Thanks! It’s kind of fun to lay it down where you can see it. I wish I could do it in 3-D but I don’t have the right prom for that.


    It’s not that I’m organized just obsessed! If I don’t do something to record my ideas I might forget them.

  4. Hello There
    I am a fan of herbs in the garden as well. You have a wonderfully organized plan.
    I wish I was in your zone, it would make it easier ! 5b is a bit tricky. But I have golden oregano, golden sage, purple sage, lavenders savories, that come back along with the thyme .. I can’t imagine a garden without herbs.
    Mine is a bit more unplanned ? LOL
    Yours will be lovely ! hope to see pictures of it !

  5. GardenJoy4Me,

    Those are some good herb ideas to add to my list! The sages and the oregano are on the list. I have another spot for lavender if I can get it to grow from seed. If not I may have to take some cuttings from somewhere!

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