Garden Designs and Layouts

Here are a few garden layouts, plans, and designs that I have put together for my garden. Some are landscape plans while others are diagrams of my vegetable garden. The herb garden layouts were never actually implemented in my garden as I went with the interplanting approach. Eventually I may incorporate a formal herb garden in our landscape. You are more than welcome to use the layouts and designs as a guide for your personal use.

After you have perused the layouts below stop by and see my recommendations for designing your raised bed vegetable garden plan.

Vegetable Garden Designs and Layouts

My 2012 vegetable garden layout is an adaptation of the 2011 version.  It adds a perimeter bed of about 2′ in width to the outside edge of the garden.

My 2011 vegetable garden layout is representative of the parterre garden style. It’s a French style of potager or kitchen garden. The idea is to make it into something both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout
This is my current vegetable garden design and seems to work well so far. The pathways are 2′ wide everywhere except the middle north to south walkway.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout for 2010
This is mostly the same as my previous design but I have changed the large ground beds into 10’x2′ raised beds for easy access for my children. I also added a long strawberry bed for perennial crops.

Vegetable Garden Layout with Raised Beds

garden designs and layouts

This layout uses an “L” shape for each of the raised beds. The beds are actually made from 3 different beds – 2 long and one square.

garden designs and layouts

Parterre Vegetable Garden Layout – Raised Beds
This more formal look for a vegetable garden is great for small gardens and even for small yards. It would also work well for formal flower beds.

Vegetable Garden Layout for Companion Planting

garden designs and layouts

Companion planting can be a good way to prevent disease and pests from harming your garden. This layout is one possible idea from many potential ways of designing a garden for companion planting.

garden designs and layouts

Fall Vegetable Garden Layout for a 4’x8′ Raised Bed
This is my concept for gardening in the fall. A single 4’x8′ bed is enough for our family of four and it produced lettuce all the way into December.

10’x2′ Raised Bed Design

garden designs and layouts

The goal of this raised bed is to better reach the middle of the bed from each side. It should be a good design for people with smaller arms like children.

Designing a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden: 11 Things to Think About
Planning a vegetable garden with raised beds? Here are 11 things to consider before you do!

Herb Garden Layouts and Designs

These designs are suited for herb gardens but could be adapted to many other types of gardens as well.

garden designs and layouts

Herb Garden Layout
This is a circular formal layout of an herb garden.

garden designs and layouts

Herb Garden Layout (Corridor Pathway)
This herb garden is good if you have a straight pathway you want to edge with aromatic herbs.




Landscape Designs

garden designs and layouts

A Birdbath Garden Layout
This is the layout of the second year of our birdbath garden. It has evolved a lot since then!

Sidewalk Garden Layout

garden designs and layouts

This layout is the concept design for along our sidewalk. Russian sage is heavily featured in this plan.

On the Fence…

garden designs and layouts

While construction hasn’t been started on our vegetable garden fence yet this design has two ideas for the fence rails.

I hope you enjoy these garden designs please do not distribute them or reprint them in any form without permission.

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  1. Hi – I love your designs and suggestions. Would it be ok if I pin your designs to my pintrest page? It would show a link back here to your page so you get the credit. Actually – I pinned them before I saw you note at the bottom of this page so let me know if you want me to take them off. Thank you!

    1. Hi Victoria,

      You can leave them for your reference. The issue I have is sometimes people will take everything without offering credit or linking and effectively claim stuff as their own. You haven't done that at all! Pintrest is an interesting site that has actually sent many people to visit this site lately. I hoe the designs help you out!

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