Lady Beetle Larvae: Garden Helpers

Don’t be afraid, unless you’re an aphid. These little larvae are on the side of good and fight the evildoers in the garden. They may look creepy at first but these little lady beetle larvae are some of the best friends you could have. They eat even more than the adults do! Lady beetles love aphids as well as mites and other small insects but if aphids aren’t in stock they will be happy with whatever else is on the shelf including the eggs of other beetles and moths.

According to Cornell this is what makes them valuable:
Because of their ability to survive on other prey when aphids are in short supply, lady beetles are particularly valuable natural enemies.

It’s important to recognize these that these little bugs are allies in the garden and not immediately consider all bugs as pests. At first glace you might think they resemble other beetle larvae like the leaf beetle larvae I showed earlier in the week. But if you inspect closely you can see some differences in coloration. You also won’t notice leaf damage from the lady beetles but you may see damage from their prey. If you happen to see lady beetle larvae go easy on sprays as they will take care of them too. Move them to safer spots before you spray or just don’t spray at all and they will do the job for you! Always remember that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!”

6 thoughts on “Lady Beetle Larvae: Garden Helpers”

  1. I brought home some larvae and set them out in my garden a few months ago. They cleaned up an aphid infestation without any pesticide 🙂

  2. Ugly little critters aren’t they? I will watch out for them. Most bugs I leave alone. Grubs-different story. But they are white and easily recognizeble for me. Have a good day. I’m on my way to cut the grass. Rain is NW of us, it’s coming!

  3. I remember the first time I saw one…I was sure it was a bad bug…but since I wasn’t prone to mushing bugs then it was safe! I have seen the beetles but none of the larva recently…gail

  4. Yep, they are pretty homely, aren’t they Dave? But then they grow up to be lovely ladybugs, proving once again that an ugly duckling can become a swan! As for grubs, if I ever find any it’s fiesta time for the chickens!

  5. I haven’t seen this larvae before but will be on the look out for it. I think it’s best to let nature take care of itself.
    Grubs, they are gone.

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