Cosmos – One of My Favorite Annuals

When you are planning your gardens for 2010 and begin to think of what annuals to put in it give cosmos a look. It comes up easily from seed, blooms prolifically, seems to have few pest problems, attracts pollinators, and looks pretty darn good!

The flowers in the above and below pictures are from the same plant just taken at different times of the year. The above photo was in September and the one below was in November. What’s not to like about plant that blooms into November? Since cosmos grows so easily from seed it makes sense to collect the seed each year and save if for the following year. Saving seed is a great way to reduce your gardening budget! I’m not a big fan of pink so I’ve ordered a few more varieties that I hope to add to the gardens in 2010. Tina sent me some seeds for an orange cosmos last year which bloomed but sadly I don’t think I have a picture! A failure of blogging I won’t repeat this season.

The red cosmos in the bottom picture was a resident of the self-seeding garden. I’m looking forward to seeing how many of the plants from that garden return from seed!

10 thoughts on “Cosmos – One of My Favorite Annuals”

  1. I love cosmos, too. I grew mostly pink and white ones last year that self-sowed from the year before, but I've also grown the orange ones — love them! I want to grow some of the double cosmos I've seen in a few of the catalogs this year.

  2. Cosmos are beautiful flowers, for a sunny yard. Perhaps someday I'll have a sunny yard again… but that would mean a move. (A move would not be a bad thing, but it's somewhere in the future.) Nice post. 🙂

  3. I had a few cosmos last yr. They didn't get very big. Will try more this yr. I really like them—my mom used to grow them when I was a kid.

  4. Colleen,

    They are great! Just so easy to grow from seed. Really a garden no-brainer!


    I'll have to look into Purity.

    Thanks Tina!


    You're right, they do bloom fairly late which helps to add a little color in the late summer and fall.


    For good reason!


    Same here!


    You may wish for more sun but I wish for more shade!


    The pink one we had reached about 4'6"-5' while the orange one was much smaller. It depends on the variety but also the soil conditions.

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