Vegetable Garden Layout with Raised Beds for 2011

Another year comes and guess what – I make more changes to my vegetable garden layout! I haven’t done anything yet but below you’ll see what I intend to change from last year’s vegetable garden design. This is step one in altering my garden into what will eventually become an awesome parterre layout. I can envision it now – brick lined paving stone paths, elegant raised beds, integrated companion plantings with flowers spilling over the edges of the stone lined raised beds. Can you see it?

For now the changes will be small. According to the 2010 Vegetable Garden Layout I had four raised beds flanking either side of the central path. For 2011 I’ll be moving those out and replacing the worn out raised bed in the lower right corner with the four smaller beds to make one large bed. In the center of the garden will be a circular garden bed. Nearby I plan to use some rather large pots I rescued from the dump to create herb planters. I’m planning on spray painting the outsides with a metallic paint to dress them up a bit then plant various herbs or flowers in the large pots.

Vegetable Garden Layout with raised beds

The center circle bed will be made from stone blocks I already have on hand. The brown/tan coloring on the other beds represents the wood that will eventually need replaced.
I’ll release the next phase/layout of the parterre transformation in a future post so stick around!

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