The Weekend Garden Gameplan

Oh I know, I’m keenly aware of the Superbowl coming up but this post has nothing to do with it. You see Saturday is destined to be a day outdoors – nothing short of the weather forecasters getting it completely wrong can stop that. We all know that never happens…

The temperatures are said to finally be reaching the 50’s! I even heard on forecaster mention the words “approaching the 60’s.”  Needless to say I’m looking forward to spending some quality time outdoors with the rake, the shovel, the wheelbarrow, the shed, the garage, and any other activity that I can find to do in the great outdoors.

Where am I going to start?
Here’s the Weekend Garden Gameplan:

1. The Vegetable Garden

  • Remove four of the small 2×4 beds and replace the old 4’x8′ bed with these. 
  • Put in the stone retaining wall circle raised bed for the center of the garden.
  • Lay down cardboard over the still grass covered walkways
  • clean out the old tomato branches and get those beds ready for planting!

2. Birdbath garden

  • lay down mulch over the small expansion I did in the fall. 

3. The yard

  • Plant a maple tree – still have on in a pot in need of a home!
  • bring compost to the compost bin and give it a turn – or two.
  • Prune while I can still see all the branches. Pruning trees while dormant is usually the best time but don’t prune spring flowering trees unless you want to remove the blooms – can’t figure out why you would want to do that though!
  • Move a magnolia! That little plant I started from seed still needs a home.

4. The Shed

  • water anything that needs watered
  • general cleanup
  • move some boxes away from the windows so that more light can come through.

5.  The garage

  • clean it
  • clean it
  • clean it
  • did I say clean it?

Now I wonder if the odds makers in Vegas have set the line Dave vs The Chores? Doubtful…

Who’s your money on? 😉

4 thoughts on “The Weekend Garden Gameplan”

  1. I, too have been formulating a "gameplan." For me it's pruning roses, picking up fallen/blown over objects and de-cluttering the potting shed. These first rare days in the 50/60 range are heavenly after having a real winter with snow in TN.

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