Cool Combos: Achillea and Asiatic Lily

Sometimes I plan really well and gardens come together perfectly, sometimes I don’t, — and sometimes I get lucky! Luck is the case with the combination of Achillea and Asiatic Lily that I’m about to show you. Maybe I was thinking that because both plants started with the letter ‘A’ that they would go well together…I don’t think so. It was more likely I was going through the discount plant shove in any open spot strategy (DPSIAOSS for short). Whatever the case this happy combination of pink achillea and red Asiatic lilies seem to make an attractive and somewhat bold companion planting!

Asiatic Lilies and Achillea

The soft pink and deep red work well together. 

Asiatic Lilies and Achillea

The glossy foliage of the lilies is a contrast to the feathery foliage of the achillea.
Asiatic Lilies and Achillea

These are the first Asiatic lilies to bloom in our yard this year. I’m hoping to hybridize a few of them when the other Asiatics bloom to see what the resulting lilies might look like. I’ve propagated the Asiatic lilies from the leaves before but I’ve never tried hybridizing them. 

Asiatic Lilies and Achillea

What unexpected combinations of perennials has your garden displayed?

8 thoughts on “Cool Combos: Achillea and Asiatic Lily”

  1. Wow, that is a sharp contrast but it works beautifully together. Nature makes no mistakes as far as I'm concerned, all the colors work. Of course I have favored color and texture combo's but overall anything left to nature is beautiful.

    My unexpected display? not perennials per se… but how about my okra I've got growing up my swing trellis along with my roses + morning glory? haha

  2. That IS a beautiful combination, Dave. This is how I always garden. Go to the nursery, see what I like, buy it and then try to find a spot when I get it home. I've tried to break myself of this, but to no avail. And sometimes I get lucky, too. LOL

  3. That really does look amazing. I had a similar color scheme just plant themselves last summer and looked great, it was ascelpis and a salvia with a blue flower. Lots of pictures were taken of that one also.

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