Scuffle Hoe, Stirrup Hoe, Hula Hoe

One of my favorite tools that I use in my garden is the scuffle hoe. That’s what I call it at least but it goes by other names like the stirrup hoe or hula hoe and even action hoe. The scuffle hoe is something you absolutely will love having and using in the garden. I use it almost daily and my kids even argue over using it!

(affiliate links used at the end of this post in case you want to find a scuffle hoe of your own!)

The scuffle hoe is great at removing weeds from the surface of the soil by cutting them just below the soil surface. It separates the roots from the crown of the plant without disturbing the soil underneath. The scuffle hoe is very effective at removing weeds from pathways, garden beds, and I’ve even used it to trim around rocks and on patios.

Because this how does not disturb the sub soil it does not bring new weed seeds to the surface where the seeds can germinate. When you till or use a shovel or a regular hoe weed seeds can emerge that have been dormant for a while. Once exposed to sunlight the weed seeds will have the opportunity to sprout and grow again.

The blade of the scuffle how (hula how/stirrup hoe) has an intentional wiggle in it’s design that aids in cutting the roots off just below the soil surface. It’s a highly effective tool for eliminating weeds without getting on your hands and knees to pull them.

I have effectively used the scuffle hoe on weeds like curly dock, chickweed, crabgrass, and even Bermuda grass!

It is also is highly effective at giving you a great ab workout! So pace yourself!

Using a Scuffle Hoe

The video below is cued to where I use the scuffle how in the garden to clean up some small weeds. Check it out and and see how it works. Keep in mind I was holding the camera in one hand so this was using the scuffle hoe with the other hand!

When using a scuffle hoe you can skim it across the surface of the soil. If you use it often it is a great way to easily eliminate weed seedlings that pop up.

Where can you Find a Stirrup Hoe/Scuffle Hoe/Hula Hoe?

You can find this hoe locally at most of your hardware stores but it can also be ordered online. The following affiliate links are good places to find a scuffle hoe and have it delivered to your home. My scuffle hoe is very similar to the one you will see at Tractor Supply Company in price and effectiveness. I think you can find a very good scuffle how for $20 or less. You may even want to pick up a spare for your kids! (I’m strongly considering this!)

What’s your favorite garden tool?