plant propagation

Plant propagation is the botanical art of creating a new plant from another one! It can consist of growing from seeds, Rooted-Cutting-Shasta-Viburnum-Viburnum-plicatum-f.-tomentosum-plant propagationcuttings, dividing plants, grafting, and even cellular cloning. For the purposes of the home garden we delve into cuttings, division, and seeds mainly. These post are all about plant propagation including annuals, shrubs, perennials, and trees.

Rooting-a-Yoshino-Cherry-from-cuttings-7-2010-1 plant propagationPlants written about on these pages include but are not limited to:

Annuals: basil, coleus, Persian shield

Perennials: coneflower, Russian sage, salvia

Shrubs: beautyberry, hydrangea, viburnum, willow, yew

TreRooting-Basil-9-2009-3 plant propagationes: Japanese maple (Seeds)