Plant propagation is the botanical art of creating a new plant from another one! It can consist of growing from seeds, cuttings, dividing plants, grafting, and even cellular cloning. For the purposes of the home garden we delve into cuttings, division, and seeds mainly. This category is all about taking cuttings from various plants.

Growing Plants from Hardwood Cuttings

I’ve always been one to enjoy experimenting with plant propagation in the garden. This past weekend, since the weather was so pleasant, I went on  hardwood cutting spree.  Hardwood cuttings are very easy to do. The success rate varies quite a lot depending on the type of plants you are trying to propagate. I took …

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5 Easy To Propagate Plants from Cuttings! (The Friday Fives)

One of my greatest gardening pleasures is that of making a new plant, for free!  Well I don’t actually do the work the plant does, but knowing how to give the plant the optimum conditions for rooting is important for success!  The plants I’m listing today for The Friday Fives are easy to propagate plants …

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hydrangea propagation through cuttings

Hydrangea Propagation (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Every gardener likes a hydrangea in the garden. Likewise every gardener likes having more hydrangeas in the garden! So why not propagate a few more hydrangeas for your garden? Of course you have to have a suitable spot for one but if you have a garden location with dappled morning sun and afternoon shade you …

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Rooting Viburnums from Hardwood Cuttings

Around Thanksgiving I took 6 small 4 node cuttings from a single viburnum at my in-law’s house. I don’t know what variety the viburnum but that doesn’t bother me, I can find out when the leaves begin to grow and the flowers start to bloom (which admittedly might be awhile). For now though I’ll just …

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