Oct 152019

Propagating Arborvitae from Cuttings

Have you ever considered propagating arborvitae from cuttings? It’s an easy and fun way to make more plants. Arborvitae can make a great privacy screen. The techniques in the video below can be used for…Continue Reading

May 022019

Propagating Mums for Profit

It’s kind of an odd subject to bring up during spring but propagating mums for profit takes time. Spring is when you have to get started for fall mum sales. For the purposes of this…Continue Reading

Dec 182015

Growing Plants from Hardwood Cuttings

I’ve always been one to enjoy experimenting with plant propagation in the garden. This past weekend, since the weather was so pleasant, I went on  hardwood cutting spree.  Hardwood cuttings are very easy to do.…Continue Reading

Mar 022011

Garden Shed Plant Propagation Update

This year was the first year I’ve been able to house my cuttings in the garden shed. It’s been great so far. There’s no heat but the plants have been protected from the coldest of…Continue Reading

Aug 122009

Rooting Leaf Cuttings of Sedums

Every now and then there is a plant that will root from the leaves, like Asiatic lilies I wrote about earlier in the year. Sedums are another one of those kinds of plants. Recently I…Continue Reading