Lettuce-leaf-basil-6-2014-001sGrowing herbs in the home garden can be a fun and rewarding experience. Herbs can be used for culinary reasons as well as medicinal ones. Often herbs can be used in other products for resale in dried teas (tinctures), lavender sachets, culinary seasoning blends, or other products.

Herbs tend to be easy to grow and often exhibit traits that make them beneficial to grow around other plants. This is called companion planting. Herbs may attract beneficial insects, repel pests, improve growing conditions, or a combination of all of these effects.

These posts are all about herbs, how to grow them, and their uses for when they are Growing (in) the Home Garden.

Harvesting Basil

Earlier this week we had a light frost which meant it was time to collect the basil leaves! Without any real hope of the basil leaves surviving the sub 32 degree temperatures I gathered as much as I could. I brought the leaves inside and made pesto. The 6 cups of loosely packed basil I …

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