Jul 272012

5 Vegetable Garden Design Tips

For several years now I’ve written about the value of planting in raised beds.  One of the most viewed posts on Growing The Home Garden is my post Designing a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden: 11…Continue Reading

Feb 132012

Vegetable Garden Layout for 2012

Every year I tweak the vegetable garden layout a little.  I new get ideas, want to try different arrangements, and theorize about what might work better.  This could mean one of these days I’ll strike…Continue Reading

Aug 152011

The Border Garden – with a Border!

This summer heat, humidity, and assorted family issues have kept me behind in most of my goals.  One of which was expanding the side border garden so that the caryopteris wasn’t completely absorbing the whole…Continue Reading

Aug 142011

The Long View

Have you ever stood back and tried to observe your garden at a different angle? Maybe from up high on a slope? Or down low from the ground looking up at the flowers and trees?…Continue Reading

May 282011

Cool Combos: Achillea and Asiatic Lily

Sometimes I plan really well and gardens come together perfectly, sometimes I don’t, — and sometimes I get lucky! Luck is the case with the combination of Achillea and Asiatic Lily that I’m about to…Continue Reading

Jan 312011

The Circular Raised Bed

As you might know if you followed me on Facebook we had a fantastic weather weekend! Which of course meant what? TIME IN THE GARDEN!  After being cooped up all winter my daughters and I…Continue Reading

Jan 062011

A Sitting Garden in Summer

A few years ago I drew a rough drawing of a garden area for my in-laws.  They had just built their new house and were excited to fill the landscaping in with something they would…Continue Reading