Propagating Lavender by Cuttings

Propagating Lavender from Cuttings

Lavender is a great perennial plant to have around the garden. Designers use it in knot gardens, formal gardens, or even in pots. It smells great when touched and also has insect repellent properties to help keep the bites at bay. In this post I’ll explain how you can propagate…Continue Reading

Why I Let Cilantro Bolt and You Should Too

Cilantro is one of our family’s favorite herbs to grow. We use it in cooking various dishes and always include it in our guacamole. In the garden it tends to be very short lived in the heat of the summer. Cilantro is very heat sensitive and will produce flowers very…Continue Reading

A Few Facts and Tips about Growing Basil

Corsican Basil Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Here are a few growing facts about basil in the garden! Dark Opal Purple Basil Basil grows well from seed.  You can sow it in the garden or start the seeds in pots.  It transplants well.  Keep basil…Continue Reading

Propagating Stevia from Cuttings

There are some plants that are tricky to propagate but stevia isn’t one of them! Stevia rebaudiana is an herb used as a substitute sweetener for sugar.  It isn’t reliably hardy here in Tennessee even though I did have a plant come back one year.  Since then I’ve kept a…Continue Reading

Raised Beds Aren’t Just for Vegetables

I mostly use raised beds for my vegetables but the truth is almost any plant can do great in a raised bed. Herbs, flowers, and ornamentals can all thrive in raised beds.  What makes a raised bed an awesome growing method is the soil that it uses.  You can mix…Continue Reading

5 Herbs for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and soon those turkeys will be filling our homes with the savory scents of a delicious dinner to be enjoyed among friends and family (and perhaps a nap to follow).  A lot of preparation goes into preparing that perfect Thanksgiving dinner and this being a…Continue Reading

What I’m Growing on the Porch

For several years before we bought our house we lived in an apartment.  I still had the gardening bug and couldn’t resist planting a vegetable garden in pots on the porch.  While today I have ground to plant in I still utilize the porch and deck on our house to…Continue Reading

Propagating Creeping Thyme

Creeping thyme or Thymus serpyllum makes a great ground cover that is very easy to grow.  Once started it quickly grows and spread to fill out areas. It’s also an extremely easy plant to propagate.  Why is propagating creeping thyme so easy?  Let’s take a look! I planted three small…Continue Reading