Jun 032019

Propagating Lavender from Cuttings

Propagating Lavender by Cuttings

Lavender is a great perennial plant to have around the garden. Designers use it in knot gardens, formal gardens, or even in pots. It smells great when touched and also has insect repellent properties to…Continue Reading

Aug 302018

Monarch Caterpillar on Milkweed

On our land I’ve purposely allowed the milkweed to grow. I want our land to be a haven and waystation for the monarch butterflies as they migrate south. I’ve been watching all summer to see…Continue Reading

May 212012

Husker’s Red Penstemon in the Garden

One of the neatest perennials in our garden is ‘Husker’s Red’ penstemon (Penstemon digitalis).  ‘Husker’s Red’ has reddish foliage that adds color to the garden during the growing season but it also blooms prolifically for…Continue Reading

Jan 052012

Looking Back at Few Garden Photos

This time of year I spend some time looking back at old photos from the garden. It’s fun to see how stuff looked back when it was growing, when leaves were on the trees, and…Continue Reading

Dec 052011

5 Plants I Want in Every Garden

Our current garden is still a work in progress, as every garden will ever be, but sometimes I like to think about what my next garden will be like.  We have no immediate plans to…Continue Reading

Oct 112011

‘Sheffield’ vs. ‘Clara Curtis’

No this isn’t some heavy weight boxing fight over on pay-per-view.  This is a garden blog after all!  This is a comparison between two very similar fall flowering perennials that really are heavy weight garden…Continue Reading

Sep 242011

The Salvias of Fall

I have repeatedly written about how awesome salvias are.  I hope you’re not tired of that kind of talk because your about to get another dose!  Salvias are one of the easiest to care for…Continue Reading