My Favorite Tomato and Pepper Varieties

It’s getting close now. Can you feel it? Seed starting time! In preparation for my seed starting activities of 2020 I thought it would be fun to tell you about my favorite tomato and pepper varieties for Growing The Home Garden. In this video I go through some of my…Continue Reading

Thinking About The Future Vegetable Garden

Recently I went over to our property and filmed a short video showing where our vegetable garden could eventually be. It’s fun to imagine the good that the future holds but at the same time it’s frustrating that we aren’t already digging in that dirt! I have all kinds of…Continue Reading

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

The Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

This year one of the tomato varieties I decided to grow was the ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’ tomato. It’s a determinate variety that is well suited for growing in pots. It’s determinant and grows to about 3 feet tall, at least the plant I grew did in my trial this year. I…Continue Reading

Creating the 2019 Vegetable Garden Plan

December brings us to the end of another year. As a gardener you know that just because the calendar year may be ending our work (fun) is just beginning. It’s time to plan your 2019 Vegetable Garden. To me planning is the fun part. During the planning process I get…Continue Reading

This time of year the squash is blooming away, but what if that’s all you get? What if all you see on the plant are blooms? The plant is perfectly healthy with no signs of any issues but still isn’t setting fruit. If you have blooms but no squash the…Continue Reading

How to Save Okra Seeds

It’s time to put up the summer harvests and begin preparing for winter and next spring. One way to prepare for spring is to save seeds from plants you grew this year that you enjoyed so that you can grow it again next year. Okra is a southern garden favorite…Continue Reading

Organic Removal of Bermuda Grass

Last weekend I pulled out the tomato plants (all but three) and did the yearly Bermuda grass removal. Bermuda grass is one of the two most frustrating parts of my vegetable garden, the other being the deer. Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) grows and spreads through rhizomes (under the soil) and…Continue Reading

Growing Heirloom Hot Peppers

I love heirloom plants and hot peppers are no exception. The fact that the genetic makeup of a vegetable or fruit can be traced back in time many years makes the special. In some cases they have a historical context, but the main reason I like them is that they…Continue Reading

Growing Broccoli in the Garden

Last weekend we went to a family wedding in West TN. While out there we stopped by and visited my wife’s Uncle Joe in Jackson who loves to garden. He has a variety of plants ranging from broccoli, radishes, and spring greens to tomatoes and peppers. Since I don’t grow…Continue Reading

Vegetable Garden Checklist for the End of March

Everyone is thinking about the garden right now, if not they should be!  The vegetable garden is where you can really reap the rewards of your backyard.  Sometimes though you do’t know what you should be doing and when or (if you’re like me) forget a few things every now…Continue Reading