Wildflowers in the June Garden

Here are some pictures of what is blooming for today’s Wildflower Wednesday post which is hosted by Gail at Clay and Limestone. This June has been unusual in that the temperature has been 10+ degrees warmer than it should be. In fact the weather report this morning said that we have had 16 days in the 90’s which is much earlier than it should be. The reason I mention this is that one of my bloomers is blooming very early but I’ll let you see that for yourself down below. Enjoy!

Verbena bonairensis and monarda

Coral Honeysuckle
It’s planted on the Arbor.

Purple Coneflower


Purple Coneflower
In the self-sowing garden with a monarda (Bee Balm) in the background.

Coneflower ‘White Swan’
There’s a purple coneflower planted right beside it.

Golden Rod – Solidago
It’s way to early for goldenrod isn’t it?



Rudbeckia ‘Cappuccino’

8 thoughts on “Wildflowers in the June Garden

  1. jodi (bloomingwriter)

    It's WAY early for there to be goldenrod (we're still in the lilacs here, Dave, and the peonies are about to open.) I love that deep cappuccino rudbeckia–haven't seen that around here. The coneflower beside White Swan looks like Big Sky Sunset, or Sundown, or maybe Summer Sky–maybe it's just my monitors. I never met a coneflower I didn't adore. Maybe I'll have to take part in this wildflower love-in too, though most of mine aren't yet blooming.

  2. Cameron

    Everything looks lovely.

    Do you think all of our blooms will be done in early? I'm thinking that. We're starting to roast here with 105 heat index and the temp will be 100 tomorrow. We desperately need rain and cooler temps.

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