The Mailbox Garden in August

One of the first things to greet anyone at our house is the mailbox garden. It’s the first thing that people see as they drive by or visit. It’s also about the only thing you can see of our gardens from a distance since our house sits down below the street level in a cul-de-sac that most people probably don’t even notice. The mailbox garden has changed since I last wrote about it. A couple plants have faded away while a couple others have entered the fray. I’m a little ashamed of the state of the mailbox post itself. It needs a good sanding and painting, but I’ll get around to it eventually!

On the right side are some small daylilies that I divided last fall. They are blooming but are very small. they were nearly single fans when I planted them.

Underneath the mailbox I have a clematis that came from a discount rack. It’s starting to show some buds. I want to train it up the mailbox but not until I get the post repainted.
If we move a little closer you can see many of the young plants I’ve added. The ‘Purple Homestead’ Verbena is a staple of the mailbox garden for me but the ‘Walker’s Low’ catmint it is surrounding is new. Behind the verbena and catmint is a ‘May Night’ Salvia that was raised from a cutting and to the left is a ‘Caradonna’ Salvia. Creeping phlox borders the left side of the garden area. Somewhere in this mix of plants are two Veronicas that were also made from cuttings.
In the back I submerged a pot and planted a sweet potato vine. It’s small now but hopefully in a few weeks it will put on some good growth. It’s not hardy in our area so I’ll either have to take cuttings to preserve over the winter or get new plants next year.

Eventually I’d like to add some ornamental grasses to the mix.

6 thoughts on “The Mailbox Garden in August”

  1. Looking good Dave. However, I have found that the postal people,trying to be pc here, are not that fond of anything blooming near the front of the box. I have daylillies,iris and some bulbs planted in mine and I try to keep any floweres away from the front,just in case the substitute has bee allergies!

  2. Okay you are smarter than I am. I planted the clematis around the mailbox and didn't even notice the terrible shape the post was in until the clematis started blooming, LOL!! Looks great around your mailbox…

  3. Looks great Dave. Sure wish I could make a mail box garden but my box sits right on the street. We have no curb. And there's only about 2' between the post & the start of the driveway. Plus a ditch runs behind the post. So no room. Arrrrgg

  4. I love mailbox gardens. One can be so creative and welcoming with them. Yours looks great! I don't have one perse. My mailbox is across a state highway and is simply surrounded by a white painted tire filled with sedum. It is most neglected:(

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