Achillea millifolium (Yarrow)

Achillea millifolium is one of the easiest perennials to grow. Almost no care, very little maintenance, and bright punches of color make it a very good plant for low-maintenance gardens. In our garden we have 4-5 varieties which unfortunately are mostly unnamed but their colors include red, yellow, white, and pink. The only thing I do to maintain achillea is the occasional deadheading and division (which I’ll write more on below).

‘Paprika’ Achillea is the one I know – all the rest are unidentified. At one point I added one that was called ‘Appleblossom’ but I have some doubts as to the accuracy of its name.

How to Propagate Achillea

Propagating achillea (yarrow) is about as easy as maintaining it. Just divide a small section during the growing season and plant it where you want it (including a pot). The nice thing about division is that you can go ahead and plant the new plants right into the ground without waiting for rooting to start – it’s already done! There very little need to try stem cuttings since the plants divide so well.

9 thoughts on “Achillea millifolium (Yarrow)”

  1. What if it's blooming? Can it still be divided? I'd love to add some of the pink and red I saw today, but I want it in lots of places. I don't think she'd be willing to share as much as I'd like to have. But I can be patient if I can divide it.

  2. Tom,

    I've divided it while blooming before – it's hard not to since it seems to bloom all the time! Just clip off the bloom and you're ready to go. You may not even need to do that but it will turn energy back into making foliage and roots.


    I love planting just before rain! I did that today with some rosemary and basil.

  3. I had lots of Achillea several years ago and I yanked it. I think I had it in the wrong location, along a walkway. It had flopped all over the place. I think it was sppleblossom.

    However, I really like this plant for it's color and waterwise qualities. So, I bought some more in a deep red (don't know the exact name either)and put it away from walkways near my back gate. I would like to try Paprika, great color.


  4. Mine just started blooming here. I used to love it when I had lots of sun but not so much now that I have shade:( That purple one is an heirloom and very pretty!

  5. Eileen,

    I've done the same thing too, right plant wrong place! I think I like the reds over the pinks, but definitely over the white! Any way you go the foliage is pretty nifty.


    I guess that's one of the disadvantages to a growing and maturing garden – your planting areas eventually shift to shade. Of course that opens new doors to shade gardening which is pretty neat too! Also when you are down this weekend you're welcome to take cuttings to offshoots of whatever you would like to have.


    I think they are pretty cool. I'd like to make a list of the best plants for beginning gardeners – Achillea would be there for sure!

  6. I love my Achillea! I have Laura Red, my favorite, Paprika, Pomegranite (new this year in my garden), Wonderful Wompee, etc. I like Red ones! They are so easy. And I was once told it was pronounced kind of like "I Kill Ya" ha ha! Helps me remember!

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