Reusing an Old Wheelbarrow and a $50 Gift Card Giveaway to Lowe’s!

A couple weeks ago I saw a picture posted on Facebook with a display of sedums all planted in an old wheelbarrow.  It was a pretty creative idea to re-use a wheelbarrow that may have just been discarded and turn it into something of interest.  This gave me an idea for my latest project for Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  The theme is mums!  As I’m sure you’re aware chrysanthemums are one of the most popular plant purchases this time of year.  The look great and offer a bushy burst of color which blends well with the Autumn season.  Today I’ll show you a few of the items I’m using for the project.  The mum planting has all been completed but I’m waiting for a couple of the mums to break from their buds.

Before I show you what I’m using for this project here are a couple tips for buying mums:

  • When buying mums buy them while still in bud (before flowering) so that you can enjoy the blooms longer.
  • Perennial mums come back each year so don’t throw them away, plant them in a holding area or in your garden for next year!

Here’s the old wheelbarrow.  It was my dad’s wheelbarrow for a long time until we bought him a wheelbarrow for father’s day.  His old wheelbarrow was rusting out at the bolt holes and was just getting old from frequent use.  A good sturdy wheelbarrow is a necessity for any gardener.

I bought several different colors of mums from Lowe’s but also wanted to add some asters.  Asters are another great fall blooming option if you don’t want to go with the mums.

I’ll show you how I put all these together soon in our mailbox garden for our fall mum display.  As soon as they are all in peek bloom I’ll be out there with my camera!

If you would like a $50 gift card to Lowe’s to do a similar project all you have to do is comment below on this post or my next post for Lowe’s Creative Ideas before the end of Saturday October 6th, 2012 and tell me what is your favorite way to use mums in the garden?  We’ll have a drawing this weekend and one lucky person will be shopping at Lowe’s very soon!  Don’t forget to follow The Home Garden on Facebook!

23 thoughts on “Reusing an Old Wheelbarrow and a $50 Gift Card Giveaway to Lowe’s!”

  1. My favorite way to use mums is in a set of hollowed out tree stumps I have lining the section of driveway nearest my house. Since my drive is essential where most people's backyard would be, they're a nice, bright way to create a division!

  2. so far, i've never had mums in the garden but this year i have over a dozen. i'm planning to put together a fall display with mums, straw bales, and various winter squashes, then when it's time, i'll plant the mums, scatter the straw for mulch, and store the winter squashes to eat! it's a 2-for-1 deal!

  3. I've never had mums, but I've used old wagons for planters and have wanted to get a wheelbarrow for the same purpose. Glad to see the idea broadcast— nothing better than repurposing things to keep them out of the landfill!

  4. I like to place mums on our front porch with pumpkins, and then when they are finished blooming, we plant them in the gardens and enjoy them the following year.

  5. I use mums throughout all of my flower beds as filler plants. I love the color, which mine usually bloom twice a year, and the green that is always there. Thanks for the chance to win the gift card!!

  6. My old mums go in the back of my daylily border. While the daylilies bloom, they hide the mums after they finish their spring flush of blooms, then as the daylilies start drooping, the color of the mums pops through. One such lavender beauty made its appearance this week! I had a similar wheelbarrow (scrounged from a neighbor who was discarding it) that we used for years with portulaca in it.

  7. I use mums all throughout the yard for a splash of color here and there. Some are in the ground and some are in different pots and baskets all with a fall theme. Just before flowers begin to die cut them and dry them for Chrysanthemum tea.

  8. I like to include mums in containers filled with edibles–the mums add a nice splash of color among the lettuce and kale. Honestly, though, I'm more of an aster kind-of-girl. I also love adding pansies and violas in the fall garden. Violas replace the marigolds in the kitchen potager, serving as an outer border. Still, mums always have a place in our fall gardens.

  9. I've got an area of our yard which has gradually become our "fall garden." Each year I'd put a few more mums or asters out there and it has gradually filled in. I've stuck to gold, purple and white although I like the look of the deep red you've chosen.

  10. Hanging baskets of mums on the front porch are awesome! I like mums in pots on the porch by my fall displays as well. Real flowers mixed in with scarecrows, plaques, etc really make a statement on the front porch to greet guests…

  11. Okay, I'm going to admit I'm not a huge "Mum fan." I've noticed a few new varieties lately, though, that might make me acquiesce. Those mums look rather daisy-like and some are bi-colored.

    I Do favor asters, though. There are many varieties and the colors are great! 🙂

  12. Ok I have tried gardening for many years. I've read books and planned and charted growing season and companion plants and still every year my garden goes to pot! I am looking for someone willing to take me under their wing, give me baby step by baby step instructions, and teach me to really garden. My family has limited funds so my only equipment is a shovel, rake, trowel, and tomato cages. I am so frustrated! With grocery prices going up I must learn to supplement my husbands income with a veggie garden. Please someone HELP! I live in east tn just in Blount county near Seymour. Thanx!

  13. I plant mums after using them on my front porch as a decoration in the fall. When the season is over, I like to plant the mums throughout throughout my front landscaping, because they give nice splashes of fall color every year.


  14. I'm a big fan of mums as they remind me of fall. I keep mine in a few containers on the porch with pumpkins and have a few planted in the garden which being a new gardener I was happy to see they came back this year.

  15. Thank u for sharing, this is so pretty and I do the same thing but add a couple pumpkins and corn stalks around, cut the stalks very short and stick in the dirt and small gourds or pumpkins in front of barrel, looks so pretty and for Fall. How do u know if they are perennial or not, have a huge one in purple in my garden and comes back each year..

  16. Oh, I forgot to mention above that I have many mums this year I bought, should they b put in the ground now, I like them by my front door but afraid they will not last thru……I water ev. other day…..what can I do to make sure they stay thru frost ….Fall, thank u for any help u can give me before I do lose them, as I mentioned have in wheelbarrel some so they should b ok and do u cover them if a frost???? My email is:, thank u and I commented about the stalks and pumpkins in the wheelbarrel I do above.

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