Thinking of Snow

Thinking of Snow

Since it doesn’t appear likely that we’ll experience much snow this year in Tennessee I’m importing some pictures of snow to look at. My brother in Flagstaff, Arizona took these pictures of their recent snowfall. They’ve had several significant snowfalls this year. It would be nice to have just one of them here!

They had 6 inches of snow among the pines.


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  1. There is nothing more peaceful on earth, than walking through a forest of “snow” trees !
    Beautiful pictures !

  2. it is beautiful on the evergreen trees. i didn’t know flagstaff got snow?!

  3. We have snow here today, and it ruined our trip to the museum…bum…I am ready for spring!

  4. Beautiful sight. I’ve seen something similar to this before. So silent only an occasional drop of snow from limbs. Heaven.

  5. They are great pictures. As soon as my brother sent them to me this morning I knew they’d be good one’s to share!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Reminds me of my time in Colorado and Germany! Yes, very peaceful state of mind with these type snowfalls….

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