You know it’s spring when…

While the calendar says it is spring there are some other indicators of the season. I’ll name a few and you are welcome to add or comment on what you think some other signs of spring are!

You know it’s spring when…

  • the smell of grass clippings from a recent mowing wafts through your yard on the wind.
  • the smell of onions wafts with the grass clippings!
  • the seed catalogs have slowed or stopped coming altogether.
  • the weather changes from hot to cold to hot to cold and back again, often in one day.
  • the seeds start sprouting up everywhere, usually where you don’t want them!
  • the henbit is blooming, so is the chickweed, the dandelions, etc…
  • the big box home improvement stores start selling their plant merchandise, oh wait they started that in February!

Can you think of anything else? I’ll add some of them to this list as you suggest them!

I’ll be taking tomorrow off from blogging for Easter. I hope everyone has a great Easter Holiday! I saw this post yesterday on a blog called The Village Voice that I thought might be appropriate for tomorrow: ‘Legend of the Dogwood.’ Stuart at Gardening Tips’N’Ideas has another good post for Easter: Jesus: The Ultimate Gardener.


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 4 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. I know it is spring when I want to dig in the garden, but it is too wet to work the soil.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I posted mine last Tuesday! 😉

  3. You know it’s spring when…
    you can hear the sparrows orchestrating a concert outside of your window.

  4. … you wake up to sunshine!

    Happy Spring!

  5. . . . it’s time to go back to work at the greenhouse!

    It’s not quite spring yet here. It was snowing this morning.

  6. i know spring has sprung when i hear the peepers in the pond out back. such a joy.

  7. This is wonderful. I laughed at the onion smell with the grass clippings.

    I know it’s Spring when my nose burns!!

  8. Carol,

    A lot of rain comes with spring. That’s for sure!


    Oops, I forgot about your post. I read it then smelled the grass and onions on the air the other day and said to myself “smells like spring.” So I thought I’d write a small post on spring signs but I forgot you beat me to it!


    The birds are a sure sign! If only it was sparrows and not our mockingbird friend. He keeps them all away, thanks for coming by!

    Garden Girl,

    Do you have your own greenhouse or do you work at one? Either way it sounds like an excellent way to start spring!


    The sounds of nature starting up again. Sounds great!


    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed that comment. We were driving down the road today and suddenly smelled the smell of onions. It was about as strong as cutting a red onion in the kitchen yourself. Someone must have been mowing their yard.

  9. No, no! I didn’t beat you to anything! That’s not what I meant! I posted what I did to add to what you posted! I just wasn’t going to list them all again here. LOL.

    Even if everyone made a post on the exact same thing, each one would be different, which is the beauty of blogging. We get to see all the different perspectives!

    Happy Easter!

  10. Kate,

    Sorry I missed your comment earlier! Waking up to sunshine is a good thing!


    I didn’t mean that so sound negatively. I just wanted to give you credit for your post. Sometimes these things we call letters on the screen can’t convey the context too well. Sorry if that came out the wrong way!

  11. No worries! 🙂

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