What Trees Did We Plant?

So far this year we have planted two actual trees along with a number of shrubs. I’ll talk about the shrubs another day but here are the two trees we planted. I have always admired the canopy of maple trees and the fall color of the red maples in particular. We put this tree in a few weeks ago. It isn’t a special variety of maple just a simple Acer rubrum but that’s fine by me. When it’s larger and can provide shade it will serve as a welcome respite from the heat of the summer sun. In the fall it will bless us with vibrant red foliage and in the spring it’s red buds will be a welcome harbinger of the warmer weather to come. I remember when I was a kid climbing the maple trees at my grandfather’s house. The branching patterns of the maple family make an excellent place to play.

The other tree we planted was a Yoshino Cherry. The Yoshino Cherry or botanically known as (BKA (not an official term, I think I just made it up)) Prunus x yedoensis is a great flowering tree in the spring and has a pretty nice canopy the rest of the year. It is my favorite of the flowering trees, but perhaps you might have guessed that by now! I highly recommend the Yoshino Cherry for its appearance and as a replacement for various trees of ill repute. Of course there’s my oldest daughter again, she loves jumping in the pictures!

Here is a close-up of the flowers. It didn’t have very many in it’s first year but next year it should have a quite a few.

This is what I hope it will look like in about three years. The branches are full with spring flowers. You can see why it is a favorite of mine. The Yoshino Cherry is spectacular in the spring. Imagine what it would look like if you planted this tree among some native redbuds and you would have a fantastic flower display.

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  1. When do you need info about the trees I planted? I don’t think I have posted about planting them, but buying them. The four coral barks. Will that work? They are all planted. Maybe I can just comment about it?

  2. Both beautiful trees! And, your daughter is adorable!

    I planted a bright red (“San Diego Red”) bougainvillea “tree” today to brighten up my backyard entry area.

  3. Hi Dave, good choice in two very different trees. Our cherry has grown super fast, while the red maple, no name, same as yours, from the arbor society, has been slower. Although I pruned the maple of its lower branches as it has grown to avoid later pruning with a saw instead of the felcos. Sweet child by the tree. :->

  4. Your daughter is a darling, and the very best reason to plant a tree. Happy Earth Day!

  5. Tina,

    That sounds great! Just talk about the trees and why you planted them. Try to have your post up Thursday evening and I’ll link to it Friday morning.


    Glad to hear about another tree going in the ground! And thanks, we like her!


    The Yoshinos do grow pretty fast. They are just the perfect flowering trees to me. I have several Arbor day trees that I need to talk about. Thanks for the reminder!


    Thanks! Happy Earth Day to you too!

  6. Okay. I can do that! I think. 🙂

  7. You are so right, yoshino and redbuds would be lovely together…and speaking of lovely, your daughter is quite lovely.


  8. Your oldest daughter is so cute and looks like she may have red hair. I love red hair and have 2 girls with red hair, or what was red before the grey stated to take over!

  9. Hi, Dave! Love the cherry trees; they are so beautiful. I imagine Daughter will be climbing the maples someday, eh?

  10. A tree just perks up with a child under it! Cute little one you got there Dave….

    I found a sapling today while playing in the yard on this beautiful Earth Day! I dug out the Willow Oak and put it in a pot. Now I need to find someone that wants it…

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